“The best part of owning an East of Chicago is coming in and turning the key in the door every morning, looking around, and seeing what my wife and I have created. It’s absolutely intoxicating!”

Matt Craig – Owner, West Akron, OH

“I chose East of Chicago for me because I had been with them for a while and I liked what they had to offer. I also worked for some of the bigger pizza corporations and I liked that East of Chicago gives you the flexibility to be successful in your own market without putting big constraints on you like the bigger pizza companies do.”

Jeremy Clemetson – Owner, Barberton, OH

“Let me tell you the competitive advantage of dealing with East of Chicago. Papa Johns, all those others, NO COMPARISON! That’s why, when we first tasted East of Chicago, we wanted in. There’s no pizza on the market that can compare with East of Chicago.”

Bubba Rabon – Owner, Sumter, SC

“East of Chicago’s business model makes it easy to succeed and make a healthy living as long as you are willing to work hard at it. The best part of owning an East of Chicago franchise is knowing you have tremendous support, a strong brand, and the best pizza in the business. Becoming part of the East of Chicago family was easily the best business decision I ever made for myself and for my family.”

Jeff Souder – Owner (14 years) Warren, IN

“What I really enjoy about East of Chicago are their core values: a family atmosphere, community involvement and a commitment to excellence. Some of the best points of owning an East of Chicago are the marketing support and strength of a large brand to control costs. We have the best pizza because we make the dough fresh daily and I really believe that is our winning ticket. You can’t beat fresh dough. East of Chicago is PIZZA DONE RIGHT!”

Larry Allen – Owner (15 years) Clyde & Bellevue, OH

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East of Chicago Pizza is a proven franchise system, which has thrived for over twenty years in the ultra-competitive pizza industry.